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jeff gurock

Jeffrey Gurock

下载波克城市安卓版libby m.klaperman professor of jewish history

professor jeffrey s. gurock is libby m. klaperman professor of jewish history at yeshiva university and former chair of the academic council of the american jewish historical society.

Anna-Lisa Cohen

Anna-Lisa Cohen

下载波克城市安卓版associate professor of psychology

下载波克城市安卓版anna-lisa cohen's research is guided by an interest in human memory and, specifically, the ability to successfully remember a postponed intention.

Sumanta Goswami

Sumanta Goswami

下载波克城市安卓版associate professor of biology

下载波克城市安卓版professor sumanta goswami received his phd in biochemistry at the all india institute of medical sciences. after conducting postdoctoral research at the albert einstein college of medicine, he became an assistant professor in the biology department of yeshiva college in 2006.